Thursday, 28 November 2013

Find 5 Mistakes Free Download For Android Mobile And Tablets


“Find 5 Missings, so addictive” 

Compare two images and spot five mistakes between them. Improve attention skills and exercise brain while playing this completely FREE arcade game with hundreds of levels.
Use your 5 hints and earn more for every 200 points!
High quality images, works equally great on phones and tablets!
Spot the difference!
“Fun to find hidden 5 mistakesbetween pictures”

Play the most popular Find 5 Mistakes
Find 5 Mistakes is a great puzzle game to test your observation . Compare 2 images


  • High quality images
  • Lots of classic levels

How to Play:

You are provided with 2 pictures pair. The picture pair will appear to be much similar to each other but they aren’t they are hidden. You gotta exercise your search and observation and find 5 mistakes between the pair .Just tap on the point where you observe the difference.


Screen Shots: