Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Galactica War 2050

Your have to Assigned different Mission if you are legend and you can fight in space then its good.


Featuring a living galaxy with over 5 inhabited systems and 5 space stations, 
THIS allows you to fight using 5 different space ship and thousand of ships coming across your side to kill you.
Kill all incoming space ship to servive and complete mission then you are assigned next mission.
Galactic Clash is a Real-time strategy game. 
After traveling through space for months, you've finally arrived on an undeveloped planet with the mission of turning it to a mighty empire. 
You have to:
Collect natural resources like crystal, metal and deuterium to develop your planet. 
Construct economic and military infrastructure buildings to support next greatest technological upgrade. 
Research technologies to improve space ships, and perform various missions to explore the galaxy where you are.
Build fleets and defenses to prevent the potential enemy over the galaxy. 
Wage wars against other players to gain the valuable materials and earn your fame in the galaxy.

Expand your territory by colonizing more planets in Star Empire, develop multi-planets simultaneously help you strengthen your power more faster.
Join an alliance and cooperate with other players, to be the strongest organization in the galaxy, trade resources among members, you are not alone in the galaxy. Galactic Empires is a game of intergalactic conquest.
You start out with just one undeveloped world and turn that into a mighty empire able to defend your hard earned colonies.
Create an economic and military infrastructure to support your quest for the next greatest technological achievements.
Wage war against other empires as you struggle with other players to gain the materials.
Negotiate with other emperors and create an alliance or trade for much needed resources. Build an armada to enforce your will throughout the universe.
Hoard your resources behind an impregnable wall of planetary defenses. Whatever you wish to do, Galactic Empires can let you do it. Will you terrorize the area around you? Or will you strike fear into the hearts of those who attack the helpless?

Players start out with a single undeveloped world and attempt to build a huge empire in the universe. Along the way to their empire, players can form alliances with other players, research technologies to improve space ships, and perform various missions. Alliances are similar to guilds and serve many functions such offering members protection, enabling free trade among members, and consolidating forces for attacks. Although the game is text-based, Galactic Empires still looks good and has more action than most other games in the genre.

Key Features:

  • Real-time strategy.
  • Very action oriented.
  • Various types of missions that can be formed by your spaceship such as espionage, attacking other ships, transporting resources, and harvesting.
  • Players can have armadas of spaceships.
  • Alliances allow players to band together for protection and free trade.
  • Can research technology to improve units and defenses.
  • Size of forces or alliances do matter.
  • Three resources for players to hoard: crystal, deuterium, and metal.
  • Some resources are left after a spaceship is destroyed.
  • Has a ranking system that displays the top players.
  • Has build in forum and chat
  • Avatars
  • Thousands of players
  • Play in an online world with thousands of players
  • Establish and manage multiple colonies
  • Find and gather resources across the galaxy
  • Research advanced technologies and construct fleets
  • Join or create an alliance and cooperate with allies
  • Global and Alliance live chat system
  • Ranking system to show the powerful players or alliances
  • Using touch screen Movement of your ship is possible.
  • You can select More fighter ship from shop.
  • HighScore are register in score menu.
  • Easy to play and user friendly.

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