Monday, 15 July 2013

Ghost the Runner Free

Ghost Runner game for android phone now Ghost Runner is a Skeleton in the dark journey to overcome many ghost. You need to keep good tempo to avoid all ghost on the way.
He is mad and crazy and dead! he does not know who is in front, just save him go as long as you can.Whenever you played this you really enjoyed and forget to play line runner,x runner and ninja runner.

Slender Runner HD - BE WARNED: Insanely addictive!
Slender Runner HD is easy for all ages to pick up and play, but challenging for the longtime Slender Runner fans to master. Unlock the Dead levels if you have the skills!
★ Endless gameplay
★ Multiple obstacles
★ Easy pick up and play gameplay
★ Stunning graphics and silky smooth animation
★ Original 3D running mechanic combining jumping, sliding and tilting!
★ Incredibly fun, just one more time, endless game play!
★ Excellent music and sounds
★ Much more...
Featuring extremely simple gameplay with random levels and obstacles that you must overcome by jumping. How far can you run before falling off a cliff? They will help the final score! One run is all you will need to see how addictive this game is! slender,man,dead,race,girl,awake,rising
This game is base on wild,scary,car,zombie,kill,horror,ghost,island,fire,monster,crazy,
Download it today and see what the buzz is about!
Improve your running skills by being your own rival! This app is not just a simple GPS tracker. You can use this application to record your favorite jogging tracks and try to beat yourself.
Next to your running distance and time a watch is always showing you the time distance you are ahead or behind your best run. Tap the distance text field to switch between miles and kilometers. If you don't want to look at your mobile phone while running then just enable voice output. Then the application tells you how far you are behind or ahead your shadow and your track length every few minutes (depending on your intervall settings). If you beat your best time than you can choose to replace it.


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