Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Apple Run

Welcome to “Apple Run”.
You must experience this amusing game. Playing this game is real fun and you can enjoy this for hours. 

 This is a apple run game, Apple run is is a frantically paced run-and-jump plat former – slide, jump your way to safety
as you are pursued by hungry hunter.every collision brings you a step closer to your doom.

  • Jump, slide and be precise to perfectly outrun pursuing hunter.
  • Avoid all obstacles which might slow you down.
  • Collect coins.
  • Long press 'jump' for long jump. 
  • Long press 'slide' for long slide.

Playing this game can sharpen your responses when you practice to avoid the obstacles, collects coin at the same time

and run to outrun pursuing hunter. In this amusement you Think Fast, Blend Strategies and Plan Ahead.

This is a real light game and occupies only 10mb of your storage and can easily be played at
a device with normal hardware specification.




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