Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Ramadan Calendar 2013

Start using the new Ramadan Calendar 2013 with new features which will be greatly useful for all Muslims.This Ramadan Calendar give you latest and more helpful timer for every days of Ramadan month. If you live in any country in all over the world then will be you set the location of this Ramadan Calendar.

Imam Sadiq (A.S.) has said: Allah shall ward off 70 kinds of calamities from one who gives charity in the month of Ramadan. Wasaail al-Shia'h, vol. 9, pg. 404

Beside the features, in this Ramadan Calendar has complete the Dua of Ramadan with Ramadan's Ashra.


1. Set the location in all over the world.
2. Set the location in all over the one country.
3. Read the Sehri and Iftari Dua.
4. Give the complete Ramadan's Ashra Dua.
5. Show Sehri and Iftar time.
6. Ramadan start Insha Allah 8th July, 29 Sha'baan 1434 hijri.
7. Show counter of Ramadan's Day.
8. Monthly view of Ramadan timing.
9. Universal apps designed for both Android and Tablets.
10. Day view.

Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) was asked: O' Prophet of Allah! Which of the two months possesses a greater reward, Rajab or the month of Ramadan? Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) replied: Nothing can be compared to the month of Ramadan in terms of reward. Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 97, pg. 49

I prayer for God. This Ramadan 203 come's with best wishes for all over the world.
Ramadan calendar full free for Android mobiles and Tablets. You see this apps, I hope you can must be enjoy this Ramadan Calendar. God bless  you and prayer of Allah in the rights of the Muslims.




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