Monday, 24 June 2013

Smart Rider Bike Racing

Samdroid now provide Smart Rider Bike Racing with latest features. If anyone has interest in bike racing games. Then this user must be like my Smart Rider Bike Racing Games for android mobile and tablets. You can change road,bike and much more. 

 If you have not been interest current road or bike then you can easily change road and bike with target score. As well as in this Smart Rider Bike Racing has coins option for the help of target score. When you play this bike racing game then come coins with passage of time. You accept this coins and increased the score target for changing the road and bike.
The thrill remains similar as you attempt to speed past slow moving cars and trucks. What’s more, using your skillful biking you can drive vehicles and obstructions right off the road! Collect coins and ride till you drop. With three lives on your zipping motorbike, you are free to drive on and on, that is until you crash into obstructions and lose them.
If your game is over then you can easily check his score with the help of score button of your games dashbroad. As well as you set your name in top ten score broad on the baise of high score.


Used touch screen for you.
Sensor is used in Smart Rider Bike Racing Games.
User friendly Dashbroad interface.
Smooth title effect.
Pause game in anytime and then play in anytime.
Play for bike racing for come in top ten score level.
Smart Rider has shop for change the road and bike with target score.
Accept coins for increased your score.
Visually sturning and built for speed like no other racing game.
Free download Smart Rider Bike Racing Games for android mobile and tablets.




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  2. Thanks. Drive down the open highways and try to pass closely without crashing. In Wear Rider, being daring and passing close to cars and trucks increases your speed and your score.